Tree Removal Services

Pinellas county is rich in beautiful trees. Oaks, palms, kapoks, jacarandas, royal poincianas, sea grapes, cypress, mangroves, pines, buttonwoods and many others. We want to preserve the heritage of our hometown and will always look for ways to preserve a tree if it’s possible.

Sometimes the difficult decision to fell a tree has to be made. Most often it is because the tree is in decline and has become a safety hazard. This decision is best left to an ISA certified Arborist.

Here are some obvious reasons for tree removal:

  • The tree is dead
  • Declining health–the branches or top of tree is dying back; large dead branches; decay on the main trunk.
  • Major storm damage and the tree is beyond repair
  • Tree is too close to the house or other buildings, utility lines, play structures pools etc…
  • The tree is leaning towards and obvious target–house, driveway, patio, play area or pool.
  • It’s become a nuisance–dropping seeds, sap, branches, and block views, light and inhibiting lawn.
  • Large roots posing a serious threat to foundations, driveways and sidewalks, or underground utilities.
  • View clearing
  • Major landscape renovations that would either damage trees, or because a tree is not well matched to its location.

Some not so obvious reasons to remove a tree are:

  • Structural problems
  • Bad crotches with included bark or repeated cracks
  • Cracks on the main trunk or main leaders
  • The tree is too big for the location and poses challenges to safety if it falls or drops branches
  • New construction–the tree will either be mortally damaged by equipment and disturbance to the ground under it, or is directly in the way of construction. Consider tree removal before the construction rather than after.
  • Major diseases or insect infestations that will likely kill the tree soon, or spread disease to other trees.
  • Leaning in the wrong direction
  • Crowding among trees

If you are considering removing a tree, please call us for a free tree evaluation and estimate.